My wife surprised me with an aerobatic flight with Jamie and I couldn’t have been more excited when she told me about it. When the day arrived for the flight Jamie went over exactly what to expect, and asked what I would like to do(EVERYTHING). Well I couldn’t have been more pleased! Jamie explained exactly what to expect for every maneuver and then after made sure I was all right with it and whether I was ready for more. I was high on G’s and loved every loop, roll and turn. Now I’m looking forward to my first flight lessons with Discover Flight!
— Kurt W., aspiring pilot
After a winter lay off from flying, I wanted some dual instruction to get comfortable so I gave Jamie at Discover Flight a try. I was impressed with his knowledge and teaching style. I will definitely use Discover Flight again when I want some additional training.
— Charlie B., EAA Chapter 252 President

About Our Flight Instruction

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I was a total nervous wreck the week before my scheduled private pilot exam. By some stroke of luck, someone recommended that I fly with Jamie to get a new perspective on my flying. With only two days to go before the exam, I met with Jamie and learned more in a few hours than I did in the previous months. I went from being unsure if I should show up to my check ride, to coolly and confidently acing the test. He even offered to come with me for moral support. He’s a rigorous flight instructor, but taking instruction from him feels like spending time with your friend in an airplane. I’m continuing with instrument training and I can’t imagine working with another CFI.
— Brian C, former student
I have known Jamie for several years in both a professional and social setting and can confidently attest to both his knowledge and professionalism. Professionally, we worked together mentoring youth with an unbridled passion for aviation. Here, Jamie showcased his ability to convey tough concepts in a way that is both easily understandable and one that allows his students to take joy in the learning environment. Socially, Jamie is a compassionate and steadfast friend, and he carries his passion for flight over into grassroots recreational flying that gives him an intuitive sense of safety and an incredibly unique outlook on how a person should handle an airplane.
— Jonathan P, fellow pilot
I have flown in non-commercial aircraft just enough in my life to know when a true professional pilot regards the duty of flight instruction to be of the utmost importance to everyone involved in the experience. Jamie Pittman, is that true professional. From every aspect of the flight, preparation, communication, taxi, take-off…you name it, he will teach you, not just instruct, but thoroughly teach you. If you can absorb it all, you too will become a true professional. And along the way, you can become as a child again, reveling in one of human-kinds greatest achievements – powered flight. Thank you Jamie for allowing me yet another opportunity to enjoy God’s great theme park in the sky. Disney’s got nothing on real flight. It’s the best thrill ride ever – no lines, no bad food, and no crowded streets.
— Dave S, forever wannabe pilot
Jamie is a phenomenal instructor and a natural aviator. He won’t only prepare you for the test, he’s going to make sure you are trained to be a safe pilot and a skilled aviator. Through my Commercial training he incorporated real life scenarios and applications, making sure I would understand the purpose behind the training. After your first flight with him, you will notice how much he cares about his students’ success!
— Adam S, former student
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Go For A Ride!

I have taken several flights with Jamie over the years in various types of aircraft, and he somehow manages to bring the sky to life, while making it all seem so easy. In the time I’ve known him, I’ve seen Jamie give flights to people of all ages, but, no matter how young or old they were, they all landed smiling and wanting more.
— Mike M, airplane ride customer
Over the last several years, I have flown with Jamie in both professional and recreational settings. I am very confident in his abilities and admire his dedication to safety. As his aerial photographer, I can recall one particular mission we did together shooting an outdoor wedding in which the circumstances we’re particularly challenging due to terrain and keeping the environment quiet for the ceremony attendees. Despite the challenges, he was able to use his flying skills to allow me to accomplish the job successfully. I would recommend Jamie for everything aviation.
— Marie N, commercial photographer